The design of the residence started from an examination of the social and architectural (forms and materials) relationships within the fabric of Grand Center, St. Louis.
Set in a vibrant urban cultural hub, this residence is designed to be efficient and unique, while connected to the context of the On Olive development across the street, and the city of St. Louis. The cube form associates it to the development across from the site, while the modest footprint of the home retains meaningful outdoor space and allows the home to rest within a garden in the city. The layout is an open 1st level floor plan, with spacious two bedrooms and study on the 2nd level, within an unassuming 1,568 square foot frame. The open layout allows for a multiple of activities and configurations to take place while being visually connected to other areas; inside or outside due to the large rear door which connects the interior to the exterior. Beyond the rear wall is a deck, of the same material of the residence, which continues as a path to a 2-car garage located at the northern edge of the site. The material choice comes from the history of place and integration of the home to the environment.
The residence is clad in charred wood. Charring highlights its color and texture. These qualities will beautifully juxtapose the neighboring brick structures. (Charring the wood also makes it more weather and insect resistance.)